Team OcUK Statistics
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OcUK - Overclockers UK

Active Team Summary

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Team's founder: old_user658479
Team classification: Unclassified
Team's primary country: United Kingdom
Total credit: 193,606,637.52 cobblestones (ranked 13th)
Recent average credit: 1,963.95 cobblestones (ranked 5th)
Approximate computing power: 9.82 GigaFLOPs
Active participants: 17   (ranked 27th)
Total participants: 273   (ranked 42nd)
Registered members in team: 273   (ranked 42nd)
Hosts: 1,141   (ranked 29th)
Logical CPUs: 4,204   (ranked 21st)
Team created: Saturday, 7th August 2004  
Credit last granted: Tuesday, 10th September 2019  
Date of last server contact: Wednesday, 11th September 2019  
Highest world rank on: Thursday, 14th October 2004 (ranked 8th)
Highest country rank on: Wednesday, 11th September 2019 (ranked 2nd)
All participant's recent average credit: 1,962.99 cobblestones (ranked 5th)
All participant's total credit: 194,146,582.41 cobblestones (ranked 13th)
Recent average credit per participant: 7.19 cobblestones (ranked 181st)
Total credit per participant: 711,159.64 cobblestones (ranked 460th)
Team includes: 0.090 % of all project participants
Team includes: 0.176 % of all hosts
Team's contribution: 0.485 % of project's work